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Introducing GrayLight: Lighting. Sustainability. Services.
Carl Gray - Introducing GrayLight

Welcome to GrayLight. I’m Carl Gray, and I’ve established GrayLight to contribute to the creation of beautiful, functional, sustainable buildings via my three career passions – Lighting. Sustainability. Services.


All Saints’ Chapel, Redlynch.
A great cross, in industrial galvanised steel, rises above the chapel to 15m height.  The cross is lit by four Bega ‘7500 Series’ very narrow beam floodlights (hidden at the low point of the roof) with linear spreader lenses – two oriented vertically and two horizontally.

St Andrews Catholic College Redlynch is a 1600-student co-ed college in the Diocese of Cairns. The All Saints’ Chapel is at the heart of the school’s spiritual life, and is prominently located at the eastern end of its main courtyard / cloister. From without, the chapel shines like a jewel-box at the far end of

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The Architect, The Engineer, and the Film Crew

The Australian Institute of Architects’ use of the role of ‘Creative Director’ for its awards events has prompted me to consider the roles of the architect, the lighting designer, and the project team more generally. Parallels with between the worlds of architecture and movie-making can be drawn (the Architect as Director) and in the process perhaps some lessons can be learned about vision, hierarchy, and collaboration.


AIA 2013 Queensland State Architecture Awards
AIA Qld 2013 - 12 - small

Richard Kirk Architect were appointed as the creative directors for the AIA 2013 Queensland State Architecture Awards. I had the great privilege of working with Kirk to lighting the awards setting. Working against a limited budget and very restrictive weight limitations on rigging, a simple and effective lighting scheme was developed to enhance the sculptural forms of Kirk’s display design.